Multimedia Sales Tools

Do you sell to companies in Japan, Korea, or China? askmar can provide you with multimedia sales tools that enable sales representatives to be more effective and productive in selling your products and services.

There is no substitute for a salesperson making a call on a prospective customer. But often it is not practical to bring a sales engineer on every call, or to bring sufficient equipment to demonstrate a product or service. A well written multimedia sales tool can answer common questions as well as provide an easy way to demonstrate complex equipment; while increasing the amount of time that the sales representative can spend developing the customer relationship and selling.

Moreover, a small set of short, tight and concise multimedia presentations does a better job of fully engaging prospective customers than reams of Powerpoint presentations. Modern software tools such as Apple's Final Cut Pro Studio 2 makes it possible to deliver multimedia sales tools in a cost effective manner.

Providing language subtitles and/or voiceovers can be particularly helpful in assisting sales representatives selling in foreign countries. Often they have an incomplete understanding of your product, or need to sell at multiple levels within a company where many individuals are not fully conversant in English.

askmar provides the pre-production services needed to script, create, and implement these multimedia satles tools, typically delivered as a DVD that can be played on any DVD player or PC. While they can be deployed on the web or by webinar, they have the greatest impact and value when played by a salesman when making a call.

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